Town of Oakham Burn Permits

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Fuels do not ignite readily from small firebrands although a more intense heat source, such as lightning, may start fires in duff or punky wood. Fires in open cured grasslands may burn freely a few hours after rain, but woods fires spread slowly by creeping or smoldering, and burn in irregular fingers. There is little danger of spotting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can obtain a burn permit?

Only residents living in approved areas can obtain a permit. Permits are conditional and may be revoked at any time.

How can I obtain a burn permit?

You may register online using this website, or you can visit us in person at the Rutland Regional Dispatch Center, 242 Main Street, Rutland

What can I burn?

You are allowed to burn: Brush, cane, driftwood and forestry debris (but not from commercial or industrial land clearing) Agricultural materials including fruit tree and bush prunings, raspberry stalks, and infected bee hives for disease control. Trees and brush from agricultural land clearing Fungus-infected elm wood, if no other acceptable means of disposal is available You may not burn: Leaves Brush, trees, cane or driftwood from commercial or industrial land clearing Grass, hay, leaves, stumps or tires Construction materials or demolition debris Household trash

Do I need a permit?

If you want to have an open-air fire, then yes, you need an approved permit. If you are having a barbecue a permit is not required.